hot tub glamping ridgeback lodge

Ridgeback Lodge

Ridgeback Lodge

“What is this gramping about?” my father asks on our way to the Ridgeback Lodge on Kingston Peninsula in New Brunswick.

“Dad, it’s called glaaammping, “I pronounce loudly and slowly so that hopefully this time he’ll get it correct, “it’s luxury camping.” I reply.

I’ve decided to take my parents on a road trip holiday in New Brunswick Canada. I booked us a night at Ridgeback Lodge, a glamping site on the scenic Kingston Peninsula. My parents love the outdoors; they honeymooned camping on Pike’s Peak 55 year ago. At 78 years old, I thought introducing them to glamping might be a good way for them to enjoy the outdoors and not have to put up a tent or sleep on the ground. However, I hadn’t considered how hard it would be to add a new word to their vocabulary…continue reading article

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